From book design to branding, from ideation to production, I strive to meld the medium with the message in a clean and artful way.

"Lorna is a pleasure to work with, and she turns out first-rate products!”

—Per Henningsgaard, Director of Publishing, Portland State University

“Before working with Lorna Nakell, I had a strong sense of her artistic talents, but I didn't yet appreciate the breadth of her skills, talents, and her deep understanding of audience, production, and collaboration. Lorna is a gem”.

—Dennis Stoval, Director of Publishing (retired), Portland State University

"Lorna was not only easy to work with, but showed great intuition with book cover design. She listened to requests and specifications carefully and designed a stunning cover."

—Mary Locke, Marketing Manager for I Am Not A Poet

"Lorna is a great designer. Her creativity and elegance really shine through in everything she does. She's a master of the publishing process, from start to finish. She can also make beautiful illustrations and custom graphics to add that special flair. With whatever she works on, Lorna always finds a way to surpass your expectations."

—Peyto Yellin, Project Manager, Akasha Services