Low Poly Squirrel Poster

Thanksgiving is almost here. The leaves are busily falling from the trees, the rain has paid us more visits, and all the little neighborhood critters are busily foraging for winter foods and house bedding. Inspired by the speedy and often unseen squirrels that dart impulsively across our streets, I decided to create a poster—a royal squirrel crossing awareness poster. Hope this helps, my little friends! :)

Posters for Sale

Someone emailed me recently requesting to buy a poster of the book cover image I illustrated for the Roosevelt HS anthology, Where the Roses Smell the Best. I wasn't planning on making posters, but thought that was a great idea because I'd heard some people saying they purchased the book for the cover. So, I changed the text a little, and had them printed. Now you can own one, or get one for a Portland loving friend for the holidays. Send me an email if you're interested in purchasing a poster: lorna at lornanakell.com

11X17 archival, autographed print: $35 + shipping

12X18 non-archival, autographed print: $10 + shipping 

(Note: the book is available for purchase at Powell's, and several other Portland booksellers.)

Nakell-WTRSTB poster.png